Death Wish: A Korean Dog’s Last Gasps


WARNING: This article contains descriptions and videos of animal brutality that some may find disturbing.

South Korea and China (as well as other countries) have a tradition of eating cat and dog. While I personally find such an idea repulsive, I can respect that different cultures have traditions that outsiders find reprehensible. Many citizens of India for example, find American habits of eating cow unfathomable.

I am a dog person, and love canines (my beagle is sitting next to me as I type this). However, I will not take issue with these peoples’ habit of eating dog meat itself. It is the manner of keeping, and especially of butchering, of some of these animals that I take offense at.

Some people who eat dog believe that the more adrenaline the animal has in its system when it dies, the more tasty the meat, and the more health benefits one gets by ingesting the meat. To accomplish this, the dog (or cat) is brutally tortured before its death.

I was not aware of the practice of hanging a dog until it died, and just how brutal and drawn-out these deaths are. The following video shows examples of these practices. WARNING: This video is very graphic. I, personally, have only been able to watch about half of it, before I can take no more.

I am writing this article, not just to raise awareness, but also to encourage readers to petition South Korean diplomatic missions. The butchering and eating of dogs is illegal in South Korea – but these laws are commonly ignored. International pressure and rising internal protests are starting to have an effect. This next video, if you ignore the goofy play-acting, shows this rising effect.

If you do contact Korean representatives on this issue, remember: be respectful! MOST Koreans do not practice or approve of this brutality, and it is already illegal to do this in Korea. Enforcement is the key.

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  1. AP says that dog is off the “official” Olympic restaurants’ menus.


  2. This is really fucked up shit… I would say eating a dog is no different then a cow but you don’t torture an animal before you do so. This is totally different then say the approach of the Native Americans who respected their prey.

    I would also make the case that animals we eat (cows, chickens, etc.) are tortured also before slaughtered because of the conditions they are keep in most cases.

  3. Your post might turn me into a vegetarian!

  4. These people are heartless and perverted in the extreme.
    I wish them all the bad luck in the world, and an eternity spent in hell.

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