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As I was perusing various discussion groups regarding Pastor Terry Jones’ aborted “Burn a Koran Day”, I came across Christians comparing the Bible and the Qur’an. Some typical quotes are shown below:

Nothing in the Bible encourages us to treat Muslims or any other religious group with this kind of contempt.”

He [Terry Jones] should read the Bible a little more carefully, and spread the message of love and tolerance

The Koran encourages violence, but there is nothing in the Bible that encourages murder.

Oh, really?

I would think if a person believed the Bible was the “Word of God”, they would have actually have read it. There was a time that I believed the Bible was the “Word of God”, and I read it through at least 3 times. Even then, I knew the above quotes did not represent much of what the Bible contained. I rationalized many of those items away, but the fact is, my rationalizations were unjustified.

The Bible most certainly does encourage violence – particularly against those who do not have the same beliefs in the Judaic God. Jesus himself, as much as we have idealized his peaceful quotes, was not above approving of the use of violence.

Mosaic Law is where we received the revered 10 commandments. However, this law was also full of trite “crimes” worthy of capital punishment – much of the punishment to be carried out with death by stoning. (note that all Biblical versus are quoted from the New International Version or NIV).

Capital crimes included:

There are many more. These are but sampling. Worshiping any other God (intolerance of other beliefs) is also cause for death sentences.

Death sentences for being of another religion:

This does not even cover the fact that many were ordered by God to destroy complete towns, including all inhabitants. The most notable is Jericho (Joshua 6:20-21 ), but also other cities (Joshua 8:1-29 , Judges 18:5-28 , 1 Samuel 15:2-3 ) Note that this last one was “punishment”, which included execution of “children and infants”. The punishment was because the city waylayed Israel as they came out of Egypt. However, this “punishment” was about 200 years after the alleged crime. I guess those “children and infants” were guilty for their great-great grandfather’s “crimes”.

Even Jesus is not without violence. At the last supper, he orders his apostles to “sell your cloak and buy one [a sword]” (Luke 22:36 ). Many say he was being allegorical, yet he did not rebuke his followers when they produced 2 swords in the next passage. Nor did he tell them to get rid of the swords when they used one of those swords to cut off a servant’s ear (Luke 22:50 ).

Peter, too, caused the death of two people, merely because they withheld some money from the sale of their own property from him (Acts 5:1-11). That is hardly the model “love and tolerance” that the above poster says the Bible contains.

I am not here to say Christianity is an evil religion or belief. However, I am here to say that Christians who do not know the contents of their own scriptures are being foolish. Christianity matured and renounced the fire-and-brimstone condemnations, and evolved into a more peaceful belief. That is not because their scriptures lack extreme violence for even the most petty of things, but because as they have grown spiritually, they have learned that such things are not helpful to humans as a whole. But at least know where your beliefs originated from.

This brings us back to the Qur’an. Islamic belief advocates as much violence in their holy scriptures as does the Bible. Radical elements of Islam attempt to carry out the literal implementation of those violent passages.  However, can you imagine the violence that would occur should Christians carry out just the few passages I highlighted above?

There is no difference between radical Islam, Christianity or Judaism. The only difference in the faiths overall is the maturation of their followers. Consequently, if Islam is inherently evil, then so is Christianity and Judaism.

Moderate Muslims need to be encouraged, since they are following a well known path. The radical Muslims need to be condemned and dealt with just like any other radical element.  But there really is little difference between the Qur’an and the Bible. The Bible and the Qur’an are merely twin sons of different fathers.


Koran Burning? Dead Soldiers? Nice!


Pastor Terry Jones
Dove World Outreach Center
5805 NW 37th St
Gainesville, FL 32653

My Dearest Pastor Terry Jones,

First, I wish to thank you for your excellent service. Your blind ambitions have done more to advance my cause then could have been hoped for.

Second, congratulations on keeping “International Burn a Koran Day” alive.

Following up on Terry's inane book, "Islam is of the Devil", is his new title.

You did not cave into pressure from those fools who would put love, peace and human harmony ahead of hatred and bigotry. I am particularly impressed that you would resist pressure from the commanding general of coalition forces in Afghanistan, General David Petraeus, who stated emphatically that your decision would result in the deaths of coalition troops. Your message trumps the petty lives of those pawns they call soldiers

Third, I am overjoyed by your partnership with Westboro Baptist Church. I have worked hard to link up your churches, and am so pleased to see you both publicly condemning to hell all who do not agree with your message. Perhaps we can get you to partake in Westboro’s celebrations of the deaths of US military personnel. I particularly like Westboro’s “Thank God for dead soldiers” signs that were displayed at soldier’s funerals. What a great partnership. Such possibilities.

Finally, a personal note. In my dealings with man, I have learned that never is a man so wrong as when he is convinced that he is so right. You my dear Pastor Jones are so solidly convinced of how right you are. Do not doubt your path or your faith. Don’t think things through. Just believe in how right you are. The more you are convinced of that, the greater your service to me.

Your Lord and Master,

Father of Lies


Climatic gates come tumblin’ down


For years, I accepted the supposed scientific consensus that the earth was warming, that warming above a certain point would be catastrophic, and that mankind’s “greenhouse” gas emissions were the primary cause. I believed that Aspen ski resorts were at  danger of closing due to lack of snow, the arctic would be ice free, and that the science is settled regarding human induced climate change.

However, the claims of a climatic tipping point led me to investigate further. I am an electrical engineer. I know that if positive feedback systems are not designed properly, they can fail catastrophically. Such systems are unstable. I found it difficult to believe that our atmospheric system was so unstable that there would be a “tipping point” of no return.

So, I investigated. I learned how the greenhouse gas theory worked; that CO2 would pass through the sun’s short wave radiation, but it would be opaque to the earth’s own long wave radiation – thus trapping energy. I discovered that even doubling or tripling the concentrations of CO2 in the atmosphere alone could not raise the theoretical temperature of the earth to the heights being warned by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC); that required positive feedback of water vapor which would provide most of the temperature increases. I learned the names of the major scientists warning of anthropogenic global warming (AGW): Dr. James Hansen, Dr. Gavin Schmidt, Dr. Phil Jones. I found out that there exists three primary surface temperature data sets: CRU, GISS and NCDC, and that here exist two satellite data sets: UAH and RSS – that are used to calculate global average temperature.

I also learned that the science is not settled, and there exist prestigious researchers who believe AGW theory is either over blown, or is fatally flawed: Dr. Roy Spencer, Dr. Richard Lindzen, Dr. Roger Pielke Sr. I discovered that the positive feedback of water vapor is but a theory; different studies have inferred both positive and negative feedback and there is no conclusive proof this theory holds up. I found out that the three surface temperature data bases have 90% to 95% overlap of raw data, so the data between them is not truly independent, and that this data gets “adjusted” by the various entities who report the data. I learned that most of the expected dramatic temperature increases and consequences of those increases are derived from computer models – not from empirical evidence. As a firmware engineer, I am well aware that computer models are only as good as the assumptions they are programmed with.

Most of all, I learned that the absolute certainty and scientific unanimity of belief in AGW was a myth – AGW is a theory and observational data can and does contradict that theory.

Besides the scientific uncertainties came the behavioral ones. While skeptical AGW web sites, such as Watt’s Up With That, allows the free discourse of opinion, pro AGW web sites, such as realclimate do not. The opinions and scientific papers of the researchers who have skeptical leanings seemed to be marginalized. Then came the confirmation: climategate. The subject of climategate merits its own post. However, the leaked emails from climategate showed conclusively that the top pro-AGW climate scientists were colluding to assure that dissenting voices were not heard – either in the media or in scientific peer-reviewed journals.

My faith in the scientists who are pushing the pro-AGW agenda is seriously eroded. At this point, I believe that the available evidence shows that climate change IS happening – but it is not to the extent that we have been led to believe, and the cause of that change is natural variation. Climate change will ALWAYS happen: the very nature of the earth assures that. But the emissions of CO2 by man made causes are very unlikely to be the primary cause of future climate variations.